Friday, 7 April 2017

AABB Accredited DNA Testing Center - Reliable DNA Testing Laboratory

With a  growth of DNA center in India, there are just a few that are reliable. A DNA test is of prime importance as it determines the whole life of an individual.

Let’s take the case of paternity testing. Human mind is suspicious and always in doubt. With growing awareness and education, all parents are getting this paternity test done just to ensure peace of mind. The result is of great importance and determines the whole life of the parents and the child. Therefore it is recommended to get the test done from a reliable and certified DNA center in India. The above-mentioned Paternity DNA test can be conducted both during pregnancy and after the birth of the child. The accuracy cannot be questioned and in both the cases the results are accurate.

DNA Center in India has really helped in reducing the crime rate. Previously the criminal escaped due to the lack of evidence. Now it is not so and the criminals also know that they can be caught easily with the help of a sample from the crime scene. In most cases, the accusing party knows the criminal but is hesitant to pin point. The criminal can now be traced by just getting the DNA test done of the alleged person and the sample from the crime scene. Both can be matched to get the results. We can also get DNA test done for more than one person we feel might have done the crime. This test can fasten the procedure towards justice. This test should be done from a reliable and accredited laboratory to ensure that they adopt standard procedures for the test.

An Immigration DNA test is also done for visa purposes. Certain embassies may require you to prove relationship before they issue a visa. In such cases DNA acts as a bonding agent. The results are of prime importance since the person may have not met the relative for years. The purpose of travel may be of supreme importance for both the parties. Therefore it becomes necessary to get the test done from a reliable DNA center in India. We also provide Grandparentage DNA test at cost effective rates.

These were just a few tests that were mentioned to prove the importance of results of DNA. DNA Diagnostics and Genetic Center India has a whole range of DNA tests that needs to be undertaken

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