Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Paternity DNA Test Center in India and Paternity Test Center

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is used to determine biological relationship between a child and his/her parents. Depending on your needs and situation you can conduct a paternity test or a maternity test to establish your biological relationship with the child.

The demand of paternity testing has increased with time due to the legal cases in relation to custody cases, property disputes, adultery, divorce-cases etc. People under legal pressure prefer paternity tests. This is also a reason that so many DNA paternity test centers have opened in India. Though, it is also important to acknowledge that these centers are authentic, verified and well-recognized and conform to the standards required.

While selecting a DNA laboratory for paternity testing in India, you should firstly ensure that the laboratory is accredited i.e. it has been issued a certificate of ISO 17025 certificate. This will give you surety that your preferred lab will give you accurate and reliable results. These tests are economical and would range from 10000 to 20000 depending on the choice of Paternity DNA test center in India.

In fact, it is intriguing that DNA Profiling Bill, 2015 is proposed legislation in India. The aim of this Bill is to lay down a framework for DNA testing and setting standards and guidelines for the laboratories conducting or performing these tests. This Bill will set legal guidelines in relation to testing, storage and matching of DNA profiles. Also, a DNA Profiling Board will be formulated that will act as a regulatory body to keep vigilance on the activities of the DNA test centers. These DNA test centers will have to approach the Board for the purpose of accreditation and these accredited DNA test centers will have to store and match DNA samples. Though, this Bill is still pending before the legislation but it certainly gives us a picture that DNA testing has become such an important aspect.

So, we can infer that DNA test centers have become important and this has resulted in the popularity of paternity testing as well for various purposes. 

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