Friday, 21 July 2017

Reliable DNA test center in India for paternity DNA test

Paternity DNA test discovers whether a particular person is a biological father of a child. This procedure involves a collection of DNA sample from the bodily fluid or tissue from the alleged father and a child. DNA is considered as a fingerprint that is responsible for person’s genes or chromosomes. It is formed at the time of conceiving and would never change again.

A child receives nearly half of the genes from each parent. Hence; paternity DNA test compares samples of the alleged father and a child to determine accurate DNA test result. Many of aspects rely on accurate DNA test results hence; It is essential to find a reliable DNA test center in India for paternity DNA test. If the probability of test result to be a father is found more than 99.99% then he should result as a biological father of a child and he is not if excluded with 100% accuracy.

Paternity DNA test can be carried out with a simple method of cheek swab sampling of both alleged father and a child. The test result of buckle swab sample is 100% accurate as of blood test results. DNA testing is considered as the most accurate method to determine a biological relationship between alleged father and a child.

It can be done before the birth of a child that is called prenatal paternity test. Previously, it was done using an invasive method and was found dangerous for a child in many cases. But, now a day’s non-invasive paternity test is also available and can be done through a blood sample of a mother as well. It is important to carry DNA tests safely and reliably as many decisions are depending on it most of the time. Hence; it is essential to choose a reliable DNA test center in India for paternity DNA test.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Why is Siblingship DNA test important?

In Siblingship DNA Test, genetic material (DNA) of an individual is compared with another to discover the possibility that they are biological siblings. Most of the time, it is made to determine paternity. It detects whether two of them have the same biological father. It is usually carried out in cases where the alleged father is unavailable to participate in the paternity DNA test.

Why is siblingship DNA test carried out?

•    In legal cases, siblingship DNA test results are frequently presented by a mother to secure social benefits for the child. In disputed legal cases, if the biological father of one kid is undisputed then mother need to prove the biological relationship of a second child with siblingship DNA test.
•    It is also used to provide biological evidence for the immigration process.
•    In some cases of adoption, siblingship DNA test is used to address whether another person (if found after many years), has the same biological origin.

Types of siblingship DNA tests:

•    Two individuals who share same biological parents mother and father are called full siblings and it is detected by siblingship DNA test.
•    When two individuals share one biological parent in common are called half siblings and it is recommended to check a sample of biological mother to be tested for a more conclusive result.
•    Half siblingship test is also carried out when two individuals contain same biological father but different mothers.

The duration required for siblingship DNA test:

Usually, it takes nearly a week to obtain siblingship DNA test results and immediately communicated through an email conversation. Later it will be posted to your location but the shipping might take few more days.

How is DNA siblingship test carried out?

The siblingship DNA test is carried out through a simple cheek swab sample and the generated test result shall be accurate and reliable as blood sample test.