Thursday, 6 December 2018

In Property Dispute, how Grand-parentage DNA Testing is helpful?

Property disputes are one of the major problems of society. This conflict mainly occurs in India, when a family member who owns the property is deceased and has no will agreement for the distribution of the property. In addition, it becomes difficult if the partner of the owner (wife) is also deceased.

In an order of apportionment of the property equally, all family members related to the owner must provide legal proof of their relationship with the owner of the property. Any written document may not be valid because false documents may be created for: these days, proof of identity, proof of address and even a birth certificate.

Now the question is how to prove the credibility of a family member that no one has seen in years and who suddenly seems to be part of your property or the child whose father and mother are not alive.

In such cases where the presumed father is dead or unknown, paternal grandparents may be tested to determine their likelihood of being the true paternal grandparents of Child. Similarly, in cases where the mother is deceased or unknown, the maternal grandparents may be tested to determine their likelihood of being the true maternal grandparents of Child.

The biological parents also contribute to their son's DNA, so that half of his DNA comes from each parent. When the child becomes a father, he contributes in turn to half of his DNA. As a result, half of the grandchildren's DNA comes from grandparents and son. The results of grandparent tests can be used as evidence in estate claims, as well as in some legal cases.

If you are not sure that your son’s child is biologically his, you can have him take part in a paternity test that directly tests his relationship with Child. However, in many situations, a paternity test is not possible because the father cannot be tested. Then the results of Grand-parentage DNA Testing may be used as evidence in property disputes, legal cases and causes related to property inheritance claims as children inherit 50% of their DNA from paternal side and 50% from maternal side.

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