Monday, 3 September 2018

Reliable Paternity DNA Testing Center in India

Paternity DNA testing is very useful and has a number of benefits for the mother, father, child and extended family members. It also determines whether or not a particular man is the biological father of a child. DNA Test is mostly used to establish the family and genetic relationship between different individuals. In many cases, the blood relationship between different family members may need to be established for inheritance, immigration, peace of mind and other legal purposes.

Our sample collection procedure involves collecting and examining the DNA of a small sample of bodily fluid or tissue from a child and the potential father. When a baby is conceived, each parent passes on half of his/her DNA to the baby, whose genetic code (DNA) is a shared and by collecting, examining a small sample of DNA from the baby and the potential father, a paternity test confirm or disprove that the potential father is indeed the biological father of the baby or not.

We guarantee the result of a DNA paternity test is either an exclusion (the alleged father is not the biological father), or an inclusion (the alleged father is considered the biological father). For a standard paternity test, DDC Laboratories India guarantees 99.99% probability of paternity for inclusions or 100% certainty of exclusion.

DDC Laboratories India provides the proof of a family relationship between fastest turnaround times, 100% accuracy with complete confidentiality. In addition to paternity tests, DDC offers a multitude of services to its clients including immigration DNA testing, Sibling DNA Test, DNA Profiling, Grand Parentage Testing, Prenatal Paternity Test, child support, inheritance DNA testing, infidelity DNA testing and many more.

DNA testing is generally considered to be the most accurate and reliable testing method. Our laboratory is recognized around the globe by embassies, professionals and doctors, which allow us to offer the most streamlined and convenient experience in the industry.  DDC Laboratories India is most Reliable Paternity DNA Testing Center in India, to make a right choice in paternity testing, please call on helpline no. +91 7042446667, 9266615552 and achieve the correct path to your life.

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