Monday, 7 August 2017

Is it possible to do a Paternity Test Without the Mother?

Paternity DNA test is used to prove a biological relationship between a child and alleged father. DNA testing is the most accurate method available to prove a biological relationship. A paternity test can be done for peace of mind and legal purposes.

Peace of mind DNA test is done to the satisfaction of an individual and can be performed at home as well using in-home paternity testing kit. DNA forms at the time of conception and it remains same throughout the life. A child inherits nearly half of the genes from both parents.

It is recommended that mother’s contribution helps to make paternity test easier but if you want to conduct a paternity test without mother then also it is possible. A child gets nearly 50% DNA from both biological parents. Therefore; a child must match DNAs of both parents. If only father’s DNA is get matched with the child and if found one mismatch then it can be possible due to natural mutations and it's not necessary that he is not the biological father of a child. When a DNA of mother is included in the test the accurate conclusion can be found and the result will be 100% accurate.

The paternity DNA test without a presence of a mother can also be done but it requires one more test to conclude 100% result. The result of a paternity test is either 100% an exclusion or an inclusion with 99.99%.

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