Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Grandparent DNA test

DNA test is used to determine a biological relationship between two or more persons. There are various types of relationship DNA tests such as paternity, maternity, ancestry, sibling-ship, kinship and grandparent DNA test.

DNA grandparent test can be very helpful in establishing relationships between a grandchild and grandparents. If a child's alleged father is not available and grandparents want to confirm the biological origin of a child, DNA grandparents test is used. A child inherits half of the genes from both the parents and if one parent is not available, grandparent’s DNA is used to determine whether they have contributed anything.

Grandparent DNA Testing is not as definite as maternity or paternity analysis and used only when DNA paternity or maternity is not possible to perform. By comparing a grandparent, grandfather or grandmother, to the child, we prefer to add the mother of the child in the case initially to mitigate the likelihood of an inconclusive outcome. If the child's mother is not available, we can test only a grandparent and a child, but the probability of an inconclusive outcome is much higher.

A grandparent DNA test is beneficial when the alleged father of a child is not available for testing or  refuses to be involved in the test. If you do a DNA test for legal or paper reasons, such as survivor benefits in the case of a deceased father, first check that the organization you are working with will accept the results of a DNA testing of grandparents. In some cases, they will not. Our skilled DNA specialists can help you to determine the correct option for you to solve relationship issues. 

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