Monday, 20 March 2017

Paternity DNA test: Important to choose reliable DNA center for accurate results!

‘He is really her father?’ Do you think these words in your mind? Paternity DNA testing is one of the alternative to achieve peace of mind. Now it is easier and relatively affordable to find many of such answers accurately.

Paternity DNA test can be done with a blood sample or cheek swab. In both cases, results are accurate and exactly matched. Cheek swab is easier in case of newly born child verification. A simple cheek swab of the infant is collected and tested along with the alleged father’s cheek swab.

A child receives more than half DNA’s from biological mother and remaining from biological father. So, during paternity DNA test, nearly half of the DNA’s of child should match perfectly with aligned father to prove the relationship.

It is used for few more reasons as well:
  • Identity sense: A child can know biological linking with parent
  • Health diagnosis: To detect influence of hereditary factors that can be avoid or prolonged
  • Relationship proof: It can be considered as a relationship proof in case of lack of strong documents

Paternity test is available with different solutions:
  • Standard or Direct to Customer test: It offers accurate answers to paternity related questions and ideally preferred for peace of mind only.
  • The motherless test: If mother is not available or doesn’t wish to take part, a concern father can be authorized to perform it.
  • Legal Paternity test: It is mostly used when there is legal matter of custody, property disputes or immigration.

DNA paternity test results always kept with high privacy and many of the DNA centers offer home sampling collection kit as well. Hence; choose your test partner wisely to receive accurate and best paternity DNA tests result.

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